Empowering and resourcing communities to break free from the bondage of poverty and limitation.

We partner with community members, leaders and local government officials to empower and equip impoverished communities to implement self-motivated and locally driven sustainable initiatives. Our aim is to assist them to identify and harness existing local resources and untapped potential, providing supplemental support where needed.  The ultimate goal is to enhance their capacity to unite with one heart and vision to see their communities healthy and thriving, now and into the future.

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Horticulture and Aquaculture Project

Currently being piloted in Sophy Village, Kampong Chhnang, our horticulture and aquaculture project provides the fundamental infrastructure, education and skills development to enable this community to cultivate and harvest healthy produce, including garden greens, vegetables, mushrooms and fish stocks. This project is about nourishing their physical health, reducing disease and illness as well as medically related debt bondage. However, even more importantly, it provides the foundation for intergenerational skill development, changing the way these communities see themselves, their capacity and ability to provide for and nurture their families.

Micro Businesses

Provincial families face many challenges on a daily basis.  Travel to larger cities for work is both cost prohibitive and impractical for many and local employment opportunities are rare.  Compounded by ongoing, chronic illnesses brought about by polluted drinking water and lack of access to nutritional food sources, locals are entrenched in debt bondage and poverty.  In combination with our other initiatives, we partner with families in establishing micro businesses, such as fish harvesting and chicken farming.  As with all of our projects, we take a whole of community approach, partnering with families who carry a heart to reinvest back into their own villages through such programs as educational sponsorships, which ultimately benefit the broader community.  

Treehouse Coffee Side-Car

The Treehouse Coffee Side-Car is a project that epitomises Brave’s heart to partner with and support other missionaries.  It is a collaboration that resources our partners at Treehouse Cafe to purchase, design and create a coffee side-car that is entirely unique here in Phnom Penh.  Once established it will operate, not only as a sustainable business and income source, but will also enable us to offer training opportunities to women and men in our Brave and Healing Homes.