Projects Overview

Every Brave project is inspired by a vision not by needs. Our projects follow the simple example demonstrated by Jesus - to teach, equip and empower.

The heart of Brave is to reach the unreached, those who have not yet heard the message of Jesus, or are not receiving support through another ministry.  This may be an entire rural village, a specific group of people within a community, or an individual in need.  We also value partnerships and honor the amazing ways in which many other ministries are already serving.  So we seek to come alongside other missionaries and ministries, offering support, encouragement and assistance where needed.  Our projects reflect both our desire to partner as well as our mission to serve in the gaps.  

We follow the simple example demonstrated by Jesus - to love, teach, equip and empower.  Relationships are at the core of everything that we do as we seek to bring restoration and hope into communities, both through compassion-based initiatives as well as investing in long-term sustainable projects that bring transformation not just now, but for generations to come.


Restoring value, purpose and hope to the rejected and outcast.


Building Communties

Creating life-giving and edifying communities through the power of the Gospel


Brave Homes

Restoring value and purpose in the lives of young Khmer men.



Empowering and resourcing communities to break off the bondage of poverty and limitation



Equipping & support the talents of the next generation to bring community transformation


Crisis Care / Basis Needs

Demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways, bringing life and hope to individuals and communities.


Custom-made furniture

Healing & Discipleship

Reviving and refreshing lives through prayer and relational discipleship


Brave Myanmar

Reaching out beyond the borders of Cambodia to see the love of God transform South East Asia and the world!