We are a gathering of people who are united in our vision to see the power of love transform the world.

Who are we?

“BRAVE is a faith fueled ministry that is all about bringing hope and love to the last, lost & least”

Brave is a movement, a gathering of people who are united in our vision to see the power of love transform the world. We are a Christian, faith-driven ministry where Jesus is the foundation and reason for everything that we do. However, just like Jesus, we have open arms and hearts welcoming anyone and everyone who carries the heart of our mission and seeks to be a part of the journey.

Our serving team members are believers in Jesus Christ who are united in our calling to reach the unreached, see the unseen and listen to the unheard, calling forth the God given value in every person.  We are inspired by the beauty of Jesus’ selfless demonstration of pure, divine love and are relentless in our pursuit of seeing every heart and life radically transformed.

Brave Vision

To see the last, lost and least made whole and the fainthearted living brave lives, full of hope and love, and having the skills and courage to bring this transformation and brave hope to others.

Brave Mission

Bringing hope and love of God to the destitute as Brave Ministry is a faith-based team

To alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged people in Cambodia in practical ways and offer hope, love and courage to the ailing and those in despair.

“Transforming lives together” – Through partnerships, raising awareness, by serving as a facilitator with other local NGO’s and by working together, we can better serve those in need than we could do on our own.

Brave Story

Brave Ministry was birthed out of the vision that God gave Melinda, to fill the gaps where the destitute have fallen through and to keep unity in the body of Christ as believers in Christ have differing perspectives, values, gifts, passions, and personalities. God has called us to be unified in the faith and Brave Ministry seeks unity through partnerships.

To heal brokenness into wholeness and to see lives transformed by being the hands and feet of Christ and serving the destitute by meeting their basic needs in practical ways.

Brave Ministry provides practical solutions that will transform those who are desperate, destitute and in despair to once again have a sense of hope that they can live a brave and courageous life. We address the immediate needs, of those we serve, related to basic survival, health care, education and job creation.


Brave Ministry was founded by Melinda Lim. Having volunteered in Cambodia since 2011, she was involved in various projects and was committed to going back at least 3 times a year.

She felt called to Cambodia as a full time missionary 8 years ago and has been planted there since. Having worked alongside the last, lost and the least for many years, mostly in the slum communities and poor villages, Melinda saw many destitute falling through the gaps causing them to be in the unreached people group.

She wants them to encounter Jesus in a tangible manner and she believes that love is an action. Her heart is to love them in practical ways and to work closely and co-operatively with underprivileged villages, slum communities, rural villages, and prisons.

She addresses their practical requirements such as clean drinking water (including digging wells, installing water pumps and providing water filters), solar lights and other daily necessities.

Team Brave

The last two years are testament to His faithfulness, growing BRAVE from two founding members and one core project, to a leadership team of eight to dozens of paid team members, and hundreds of volunteers, serving multiple projects both within Cambodia and now Myanmar.