Crisis Care & Compassion

Demonstrating the love of Jesus in practical ways, bringing life and hope to individuals and communities.

Jesus came to earth to bring life in abundance, healing all those who came to Him and feeding the multitudes through miraculous multiplication. We seek to authentically live by Jesus' example, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, watering the thirsty, clothing the naked, comforting the lonely, welcoming the stranger.  Our compassion care projects are an initial connection point with communities and individuals in immediate need.  They provide a platform upon which we can build and nurture more long term relationships.

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Project Coordinators

Muylen Orng

Maria Thyda Rath

Scott and Toni Johnson

Jono and Steph Bailey

Melinda Lim

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Medical Care

Brave provides both partial supplementation or full coverage of physical and mental health medical and associated costs for members of our communities as well as others that Jesus brings to our attention, where we are able.  One of our Coordinators journeys closely with the individual and their family during this time of intense need, providing companionship, practical support and love.

Provisional Package / Blessing Bags

Known as our ‘Brave Blessing Bags’, we distribute thousands of these packs every year filled with basic needs provisions including food, hygiene items and other necessities tailored as required for particular communities.  Over the past five years, multitudes of people have had a blessing bag placed into their hands in a time of need, each bag also containing a Brave designed booklet sharing the message of Jesus.  Many ongoing projects and longer term relationships have arisen as a consequence of these outreaches, our prison projects being just one example.


Fresh water is the foundation upon which all healthy communities are built.  Without access to sustainable fresh water sources a community often draws drinking water from polluted rivers used by animals and locals for washing, and stagnant water holes and puddles, many infested with mosquitos and other insect larvae, fungi and bacteria.  Communities without fresh water have high rates of chronic disease, malnutrition and increased entrenched intergenerational poverty as a result of the inability to maintain work.  As a first step in restoring a community to health, Brave sinks dozens of wells every year within rural communities, with a particular focus on the provinces of Battambang and Pursat.  Within the first month of 2022 we have already sunk seven wells, one within a men’s prison.

Solar Light & Water Filters

This project is dear to the heart of Brave as it was one of the very first initiatives launched at the inception of the ministry in 2018.  Like our Blessing Bags, thousands of solar lights and water filters have been distributed across rural Cambodia with a particular focus on those communities without any access to power and where we are unable to sink wells deep enough to access fresh water.  Whilst the wells are intended to benefit entire villages and broader communities, the water filters are provided to individual families, but are often also used by those in surrounding houses.  We have lost count of the number of testimonies of physical restoration and healing from a multitude of illnesses and diseases in entire families, as a direct consequence of the water filters.