Father who prayed for his son to go back to english school received sponsorship

Sothean has to take care of his elderly parents who both have Alzheimer’s disease. When we visited them, their house reeked of urine odour.
Both parents are incontinent and Sothean was forced to give up his job as a construction worker to look after his aging parents.

Sothean has 3 children and his youngest son Piseth, aged 11 is studying in Grade 3 at a public school. He used to take extra english lessons but had to give it up when his dad stopped working.

Sothean has been praying that someone would sponsor his son for english classes as it was his greatest desire for his children to have a good education. When we found out about their family situation, we were overwhelmed with compassion and told them that we would be more than happy to sponsor Piseth back to english school.

Sothean was so grateful and kept on thanking and praising God for his faithfulness. We got to pray for the family and glad that we could be part of an answered prayer.

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