Water filters and Solar lights for 287 families in the rural villages of Pursat province

On 6-8 October 2018, in partnership with The Good Exchange, we distributed 287 ceramic water filters, 200 solar lights and to build a well.

The journey was nothing short of an adventure. The first day was 6 hours from Phnom Penh to Pursat province followed by another hour of bumpy dirt road to the rural village.

We distributed water filters and solar lights to 176 families from 3 villages in the church compound. It started to pour heavily after the distribution and the van tyres got stuck in the mud.

We visited O Thom Village on the second day. As the village is in the middle of a forest, the narrow pathway was inaccessible to cars.

We had to take a motorbike ride in and had to cross narrow bridges with cracked planks. We had thorny low lying branches brushing across our faces and when we finally neared the village, we were told that because of the rainy season, we had to cross waist high flood waters with the risk of getting sucked by leeches in order to reach the villagers.

We made the brave decision to go ahead with our mission. The children were given de-worming tablets and we were there to witness the villagers happily using their solar lights and ceramic water filters.