Solar Light Project Sustainable light solution for the slums and villages

Making efficient light source available to rural areas

After working alongside the disadvantaged, we found out that many rural villages and slum communities have no access to electricity and that they have been using kerosene lamps as a light source.

Having to witness fires due to negligence of kerosene lamps and candles, we wanted the villagers to have a safe and efficient source of light.

We decided to search for a reliable and efficient light source and we tested out 4 different models of solar lights. After receiving feedback from the test sets, we chose the one that’s all rounded efficient and cost effective.

With the solar light, they now no longer need to risk fires with the kerosene lamps that they were using previously.

The LED solar lights are safe, bright, portable and extremely useful.

The Model

We collect a token sum from the registered beneficiaries to create responsibility and value and the token sum is then ploughed back towards projects to build their own community.

This model empowers the villagers to play their part not just in their own lives but also towards their own community.

What we have done thus far

We have distributed over 400 solar lights to date to various slum communities and rural villages in the province and this project will continue so that safe and efficient light source will be available to areas with no electricity.

Here are some stories of our solar light distribution mission trips:-


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