Empowering and instilling value into precious Lives.

With many unable bodied and uneducated looking for work, opportunities are scarce and these group of disadvantaged people are thrown into a vicious cycle of poverty.

Brave acts is birthed out of wanting to  give these precious lives a hand up.

We want to give them not just a job, but to create an environment for them to thrive.

With the long term plan of sustainability, we are pleased to be Introducing:


Brave Home:

After a number of visits to a Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Cambodia, we became aware that some men have nowhere suitable to go after they finish the 1 year program there.

We have started Brave Home to bring hope for these men and others like them.
Our heart is to create a loving and supportive environment for men in their recovery from major problems in their lives.

We want to see them find heart healing and hope in Jesus.
We want to encourage them to build their lives in God, one step at a time, with the help of the Christian community around them.

Our hope is that they will find study and work options that suit their gifting and that they will live free and whole into the future.

Read more about Brave Home HERE.


Brave Hands:

We are training women in the slum and rural communities  who are skilled in handicrafts to sew and create products which we can sell. This will not only showcase their skills but also provide an income for them. This will add value and meaning to their lives and their hopes will be raised for a better future.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, to be loved, cherished and valued.