Distribution of Solar Lights and water filters to Vealsbov Village & Kampong Speu


The villagers in the remote area of Kampong Speu province as well as Vealsbouv village have no access to clean drinking water and electricity.

We are so glad to be partnering The Good Exchange for this solar light and water filter project.

We distributed a total of 100 solar lights and 9 water filters to disadvantaged families working on a co-share model.

Each beneficiary contributed a token sum which was then ploughed back into their communal funds for community building.

This creates responsibility and dignity for the villagers as they feel proud to be owners (not just mere beneficiaries) of the solar lights and the water filters.

As most of them used to light candles or kerosene lamps as their only light source, they now have a safer, brighter and more practical solution using the solar lights without having to worry about accidentally starting house fires.


Please join us to light up more homes in Cambodia. We are collecting SGD 25 for each solar light. The funds will pay for solar lights, logistics and transportations. Your generosity help make our work possible. Please email info.braveministry@gmail.com to express your interest in partnering us.