This couple have been living in the slums for over 10 years.

Mdm Mormtabak age 52 collects rubbish to recycle for a living and her husband Phrak Seim Age 72 lost his leg in a land mine over 20 years ago.

They have 2 children and 1 grandchild.

When we visited them for the first time in December , they were in a dire situation.
Mdm Mormtabak was back on 2 months of rental, no money to pay for electricity, dislocated her arm in an accident, her daughter was in hospital and her grandchild was sick. Her husband has cataract and also his leg was giving him a lot of problem. And Mdm Mormtabak was the only sole breadwinner.

She came to us crying and told us she has lost all hope. We calmed her down, took care of her rental and bought daily necessities for her family.

Grandpa Phrak Seim’s old prosthetic leg was giving him problem and he asked for a new leg.

We did what we could for this family.

Prayed for them, shared with them the love of Jesus and also with the help of The Trust organization, we managed to get Grandpa a new prosthetic leg just before Christmas!
We also helped them with their electricity bills and medical bills.

Look at the difference in countenance as loved them back into wholeness.

Today, Mdm Mormtabak’s daughter has found a job as a seamstress and the family is doing well. She is full of hope and joy and we are grateful be able to help this precious family.