There are over 400 villagers including 120 children living in Vealsbov village. The villagers used to live in near the river bank years ago but had to relocate after the riverbank collapsed and submerged their homes. Forced to move, they had to relocate to this current land where they fear they might be chased out every now and then.

Living conditions are rough with no proper source of clean drinking water or electricity.
They were drinking out of buckets that were filled with slime and scum.
They use kerosene lamps at night which is a huge fire hazard.

When we visited them, we felt that we could help them to relieve their pain and suffering by providing them basic necessities such as clean water and light by rolling out the water filter and solar light project.

We gave the village leaders 2 water filters and 2 solar lights to pilot test this project in the village.