Over the past 2 months, we rolled out a water filter project in the slum community of Cambodia Care Centre.

It all started when grandma Ngeam came to us for help. She caught my attention as she emitted a stench as her outfit was probably the only set of clothes she had. When we heard her story, we knew that we had to do something for her.

Ngeam is 53 years old and her only daughter ran away with her current boyfriend leaving behind her 3 children (fathered by different men) for Ngeam to look after. She doesn’t even have a proper place to sleep. She goes out to the streets to beg for food as she old and uneducated and left to fend for herself and her 3 very young grandchildren.

When we went to visit her, we was taken aback by the living condition of her home. She displayed flu like symptoms coupled with a swell in her cheek. Her grandchildren had green mucus running down their noses and were coughing incessantly.

we checked her water source and the water buckets and urn they took drinking water from were covered in algae and scum.

We gave her a water filter 2 months ago and taught her how to use it. When we visited her again last week, she was all smiles and told us how much her health as improved. No more cough, stomach ache or swell in her cheek. She appeared stronger, healthier and more joyful.

Brave ministry is also helping her with rental, daily necessities, milk powder and diapers for her grandchildren.

March 2018