Sreynich is 13 years old and she lives with her uncle and aunt’s family in the village of Chbar Ampou. A total of 11 people are crammed into a dilapidated hut.

She has 4 other siblings. Her eldest brother is incarcerated and her second sibling ran away from home. Dara, the fourth child in the family in studying at Cambodia Care School. Her youngest brother, David, aged 5, stays at home.

Sreynich is a bright girl studying at BELTEI high school. Her dad abandoned the family many years back and her mum was arrested by the authorities.

Her uncle and aunt had pity on the 3 kids and took them in despite struggling to manage their own family.

With your generous giving, we were able to help them rebuild their home.

We fixed the leaky ceiling and the main structure which was collapsing.

We also provided them with daily necessities such as rice, oil, noodles and soy sauce.