Over 150 elderly, adults and over 200 children were blessed with a Christmas party filled with food, gifts and lots of fun.

Sophy Village is incredibly poor with the majority of residents unable to afford to replace their dirty, worn clothing. Many of the children have no clothing at all. As part of our outreach, BRAVE seeks to supply the village with good quality clothing items but this year we wanted to provide them with more than just a physical covering. Each person was gifted a new blue t-shirt with “Jesus loves me and you” printed in Khmer, a constant reminder to each of them of the ever present love of Christ and how much He values them.

The elderly and adults were all given a new blanket each and every child over 6 years old was provided with a new backpack filled with stationary in preparation for school.
Every child under 6 years old was given a set of durable fun toys to inspire their creativity and imaginations.

We are so thankful to one of our regular partners, Nations Church Pnh, for helping to run a fabulous kids program for dozens of children, including games, craft, and face painting.

We are also so grateful for the commune district/ village chief and leaders who allowed us to run the program smoothly during Covid-19 season. We gifted them with 700KG of rice, oil, noodles, canned fish and other daily necessities to show our appreciation and worked closely with them to ensure that we abided by the health and safety measures.

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