Thirty hours of nonstop rain between October 10 and 12 brought Phnom-Penh to our knees in floodwaters in low-lying parts of the city. Flash floods battered multiple provinces across the country, claiming lives and damaging thousands of hectares of rice fields.

With COVID-19 and the recent tumultuous wet season here, the need in Cambodia has grown exponentially. Many people’s harvests have failed and their income sources have not recovered causing a 30% rise in poverty. Many others have been left with lingering illnesses from the residual floodwaters, especially amongst the urban poor communities that we serve.

While all this sounds bleak, we know that we serve a mighty God who goes before us in all things and that Jesus loves each and everyone more than we can possibly fathom. His love and joy sustains us as a team as we continue to put our hands to the plow and reveal His great love across this nation.

We were able to reach out to 73 families in the low-lying area of Kien Svey Knong Slums where they were badly affected by the flood. We distributed rice and dried fish to them and spent time visiting some families to pray for them and encourage them.