This is the second year being invited back to the prison in Pursat province. 

We are thankful for the favor and open doors to be welcomed back again so warmly by the Chief warden. 

The program was very well received as there were games, carolling, testimony sharing, skits and preaching. 

The inmates and wardens also each received a blessing bag full of daily essentials. 

We didn’t just leave the inmates and wardens a physical gift that would eventually run out.

We had the privilege of leaving them the gift of salvation which is eternal life, love, shalom peace and everlasting joy.

We also ran the program in 5 other rural villages and reached out to over 500 people. We witnessed many giving their lives to Christ and our hearts were bursting by the time the outreach ended. 

The program was an absolute blessing not just to the inmates and wardens, it truly blessed the local church, villagers and our entire team too!

We are so grateful to Nations Church for this amazing partnership as well as the local church in Pursat for making this outreach possible.