Built homeless mother of 8, a home, with Nations Church

In partnership with Nations Church Perth, we helped build homeless mother of 8, a home.

Kunthea, a mother of 8, was recently released from prison and had no home to return to. She made a makeshift tent beside the tombstone to shelter herself and her kids. 

She was also scavenging to make ends meet.  

We had the privilege of having Nations Church Perth, men’s team to bless and build a home for Kunthea and her kids. 

We rented a small piece of land, bought wood, zinc and other various construction materials and started building from scratch. 

When we recently visited Kunthea again, she was so thankful and grateful that she burst out in tears.

She said she can now house all 8 of her children and 1 grandchild under 1 roof whereas previously, they were all scattered about and she constantly had to worry about everyone’s safety.

We are glad to be a part of her journey, to love her and to witness God’s restoration in her life.