Khem Sreyda is 19 years old. She was diagnosed with brain tumor when she was only 16.

She had surgery twice as well as chemotherapy for 26 days and each chemo treatment cost $70.

Sreyda’s father is 46 years old and is a motor dob driver.

Her mother is 39 years old and is a homemaker. Sreyda has 5 other siblings.

When Sreyda was 16 years old and studying Grade 8 in Chbar Ampov High School, she sought treatment at the hospital due to severe headaches.

One year later, she was diagnosed with brain tumour and she did not get better after the first surgery.

She underwent a second surgery which cost USD $3000 and chemotherapy two months ago.

Her family is facing financial difficulties and she felt hopeless. 

We stepped in to help with a portion for her medical bills as well as some daily necessities. 

We visited and prayed for her family and also shared about Christ with them.

The family started attending church knowing that Christ is their living Hope. 

Sreyda is now healed and living an abundant life. She is a walking living testimony of God’s amazing grace.

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