Water Filters and Solar Lights distribution to 100 families in Takeo Province

In January 2020, 100 families were blessed with ceramic water filters and solar lights which were heavily subsidised. We collected a token amount from them so that we can instill value and responsibility in their lives. 

The token amount is then given back into the community for community building. 

We came back with our hearts so full knowing that lives have been transformed by their basic needs being met. 

In rural villages, clean water source and electricity is scarce. 

We are so glad to be able to make a difference in the lives of the villagers by helping them with something so essentially important.

We are also so grateful for the partnership of The Good Exchange who made this mission possible. We truly value their continuous support to impact countless precious lives. 

We trust that what we leave behind with the villagers would not just be the physical items, but the heart of Christ, our loving Savior who is the true Living water and the Light of the world.