Outreach to over 450 inmates, 50 prison wardens and 100 villagers in Pursat Province

It was such an immense privilege to be invited to the prison in Pursat for a Christmas outreach. From what we knew, prison doors were closed for the last 3 years.

God clearly opened the doors wide for us to be a part of this program.

We are so thankful to Nations Church Pnh and CCOP local church in Pursat for partnering us to run the program.

Brave Ministry also collaborated with Child.Ink to print a mini “Jesus Loves You” booklet that is filled with comic drawings and stories of faith, hope and love, for the inmmates to keep.







Leading up to the event, we spent many hours preparing and packing over 500 blessing bags.


When we arrived in Pursat on the 28th Dec, we headed straight to prison to pray and prepare for the program the following day.

We had the honour of meeting the chief prison warden and hearing his heart and vision for the inmates.

The outreach lineup on the 29th Dec was nothing short of amazing. There were games, carolling, testimony sharing, skit and preaching.

We didn’t just leave the inmates and wardens a physical gift that would eventually run out.

We had the outmost privilege of leaving them the gift of salvation which is eternal life, love, shalom peace and everlasting joy.

The program was an absolute blessing not just to the inmates and wardens.
It truly blessed the local church and the entire team too!

The chief warden was so pleased with the program that he invited us back 3 times this year.

What a restoration for the 3 years that the doors were closed.
Please continue to keep us in prayer as we literally reach out to the last, the lost and the least.