Grandma receives help for medical care

Grandma Preap Mach’s neighbour brought us to see her and told us that she has been ill for a long time.
When we stepped into the tiny cramped room, grandma Preap Mach was lying on the mat and she struggled to sit up to talk to us.

She told us that she has hypertension, a heart condition, weakness, dizziness, painful joints and sharp stomach pains. She did not receive any medical help as she was unable to afford medical care. When we asked her how we could help, she asked for some money to buy medication off the counter.

We knew that besides prayer, love is an action and we wanted to demonstrate that. We brought to her seek medical help immediately where she got a blood test and examination done.

After getting her prescribed medication, we bought her food and sent her home. We stayed till she finished eating ( she gobbled up the plate of rice and dishes) and she told us that she felt much better and had more strength and energy.


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